Debating During Nepal Bandh

My Republica, KATHMANDU, May 5:  Youths from Kathmandu organized a roadside debate on May 5, Wednesday, at New Baneshwor Chowk.

The debate, which is part of the road-to-road debate series, was attended by around 150 young people. The debate was between two teams on the motion, ´Formal education is more important than experience´.

The debate was organized by Nepali Youth Debaters Club (NYDC), a club of young debaters. “It is the first pure debating club of Nepal. Most clubs are focused on public speaking. However, we work on debating and make it fun and intellectual for youths,” says Avishek Shrestha, team member of NYDC.

The club aims to organize similar events every time there is a banda. When everyone is spending time at home getting bored, these youthd hope to have fun and do something innovative. On May 4, the event was divided into two sessions-capacity building workshop on debate and public speaking at Chelsea International College and the Road Side Debate.

The organizers hope to organize another event on May 6 as well. The event will again be divided into two sessions-a debate in the World Schools Debating Championship format and a two-hour session titled “Reliving the games of childhood”.

Also, games such as kabaddi, rumal lukai, lukumari and dandi biyo will be played. The event is open for all and the organizers plan to start the event at 11am at Chelsea International Academy, New Baneshwar.

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Youth Debate Club in Nepal

Climate Advocacy Institute graduate organizes first debate club in Nepal

Last summer, IDEA co-hosted the Climate Advocacy Institute, which brought together more than 80 youth climate activists from around the world. Since then, many graduates of the institute have been involved in several campaigns and movements that involve youth in both climate change awareness and debate. One graduate, Abhishek from Nepal, has recently organized the first youth debate club in Nepal, the Nepali Youth Debaters Club (NYDC).
The debate club’s motto is “Debate to Learn:Learn to Debate” and its mission is to spread debate to all youths, ages 12-25 years old, in Nepal through organizing debate workshops and tournaments in different regions of the country. The NYDC has already organized several debate matches and one debate workshop. The club’s next debate workshop is slated for Saturday June 19th and will also include a screening of the movie, “The Great Debaters.” The NYDC has also put together Team Nepal for the upcoming World Online Debating Championship (WODC).

For more information on the Nepali Youth Debaters’ Club, click here. Also find the organization on Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr.

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Nepali Youth Debater’s Club (NYDC)

Nepali Youth Debater’s Club (NYDC) started on April 7,20100 is a club that aims to use debate as a framework to learn and engage in collaborative research, improve communication skills, develop critical thinking, leadership as well as team works and create positive change in our society through words – all at one go!

Understanding the importance of making a coherent argument, while synthesizing information, evaluating competing interpretations and making a clear and persuasive presentation of their own arguments is a skill that we intend to inculcate in youths aged 15-25.

NYDC will adopt various formats of debating, including but not limited to, WSDC, Karl popper and British parliamentary so as to make the overall debating experience more wide ranging; which in turn will definitely be an added plus for Nepali debaters representing at an International arena.

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